Greens-Multi Beaded Bracelet

  • $195.00

This gorgeous multi-beaded bracelet is sure to go with everything.  Earthy tones with bright greens and oranges is a representation of the gorgeous colors of fall and garden season in the midwest.  This bracelet is a stunner on it's own, or mixes well with other silver bracelets to create a nice combination of textures and colors.  


Citrine, amber, serpentine, peridot, turquoise, prehnite, smoky quartz, green chalcedony, rutilated quartz, black onyx, chrysoprase, snowflake obsidian, pyrite, hematite, nephrite jade, labradorite, honey tiger eye and sterling silver.  *Some stones may vary is size and shape to what is in the picture.  Each bracelet is guaranteed to be unique!